Mobile stages & event furniture

for concert, show and prasentation

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Mobile stage solutions for concerts and events

Mott has an extensive selection of mobile stage solutions with which your event can easily be realized. Whether you plan a small concert at a fair or a big concert for a rockstar – our platforms add value to any event. The certified safety and simple handling of our products are just two of many convincing benefits.

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Stages and floors for weddings and celebrations

Our platforms and event flooring make any festivity in your hotel a success. Thanks to our mobile event flooring and dance floors for weddings and dance events as well lecterns and choir platforms for corporate events and private parties, you can easily convert your venues for any purpose.



Platforms, stages and tables for ergonomical workplaces

Our machine platforms and stairs can ideally be adjusted to your spatiality and make a working day easier and more pleasant. Railings make the workspace even safer. Height-adjustable and mobile work and assembly stages and tables increase the ergonomics of the work routine.




Mobile indoor and outdoor terraces

The Terra Mobilia can be set up as an individual terrace on any ground and can even serve as an asphalt transition. Whether you want to upgrade your spa, create a calming relaxation area in the garden or plan a chill-out area in the middle of the city – this system makes your ideas reality.




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Availability guarantee spare parts / accessories


Quality guarantee "made in Germany"


Leader and flexible in lightweight construction


Individual manufacturing options


Color and design selection in all shapes and formats


Extensive, multifunctional & individual use of space



Experience Mott events

Our Mott stage solutions are regularly used at well-known events such as regional garden shows and city festivals. In our event overview you will find all planned, upcoming events.



Our online shop was designed especially for B2B customers as well as retailers and event technicians. We also address lenders that sell, lend or use our Mott products as a specialist company. Furthermore, we develop and produce platforms and accessories specifically for industries and the craft sector. You can always contact us for additional information. Next to mobile stage platforms, we also distribute floor coverings and event floors, our mobile terrace and of course equipment from stairs to practical transport systems.

Since we are an online shop with a focus on B2B trade, we don’t sell any products to private persons ourselves. However, you can have a look at and pick your desired product in our shop and send us a request. We will redirect the request to a retailer near you who is familiar with our Mott products and can give you the best advice. He will then take on your request and finalize the sale with you.

Although our online shop already shows you a broad selection of products, we can always offer more. If you don’t make a find in our product range, simply contact us! The shop is only meant for our standard range that will make the majority of our customers happy. We can make your individual wish come true – living our motto “style your stage”. Due to our special production options, we can develop solutions with a multifunctional use of space. With a 3D software, we create a concept of your stage. You can watch the process of creating the finished product in our production hall in Tauberbischofsheim. We haven’t encountered a customer’s wish that we weren’t able to fulfil yet. Challenge us!

Mott Industry is our special range of products for the needs of the industry. We offer mobile and moveable machine and working platforms, mobile staircases for machines and height-adjustable work and assembly tables. During the development of these products, we pay special attention to ergonomics and work safety. TÜV certificates prove the quality of our products. For especially niche branches of industry we regularly develop platforms and other products with special features, like fire resistance. Feel free to directly contact us if you are interested or have any questions.

Mott is one of the leading global producers in the area of mobile stage elements. We have been representing top quality in our line of work for decades and categorically produce in Germany. From our plant in Tauberbischofsheim we have been supplying our customers with sturdy stage elements, attractive stage accessories and rostrums since 1970. Each of our products is a statement of top-notch workmanship. We only care about the highest quality. Our products are easy to use, sturdy, durable and therefor real stars!
The platform modules not only find use in the event sector but also in educational facilities, sales and presentations, catering and tourism, industry and production as well as architecture. We always find the perfect solution for areas in which temporary and fixed installations are needed.


If you visit our online shop attentively, you will surely notice that many of our mobile platforms are DIN 15921 certified. This is a quality feature that should not be underestimated. Of course, we ...
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Mott carries a selection of both plug-in and scisso platforms. Depending on the requirements you have for a stage, one or the other variant is more suitable for you. In case you are not quite sure ...
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We at Mott Mobile Systeme GmbH always strive to stay up to date and present. That is why we regularly visit important events and trade fairs. Prolight & Sound as an event with a spectrum ranging from ...
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Mobile stages and event furniture from Mott

At Mott Mobile Systeme GmbH und Co KG you can get everything you need for a successful event: Stages, dance floors, terraces, podiums, folding tables and custom-made products from our carpenter's workshop in Tauberbischofsheim We offer excellent service for the event industry, hotels and restaurants, schools and training companies and the industry. Our wide range of high-quality and ergonomically designed products is rounded off by consulting services and individual planning including 3D sketches.

How can Mott support you at events?
We have a wide product portfolio of scissor and plug-in foot platforms that interact ideally with our platform elements. With extensive accessories such as stairs and railings you can design the perfect stage for your event. Thanks to our focus on mobility, our stage systems are also suitable for events with changing locations. With our event and dance floors, you can also create a suitable surface for rows of seats, standing room and dance floors - also in the outdoor area. So that no wish remains unfulfilled, we at Mott Mobile Systeme GmbH und Co KG also offer other event furniture such as bar tables.

Stages for education and school?
Educational institutions such as kindergartens, schools, training companies, evening schools and universities can also benefit from our product range. For parents' evenings, theatre performances, testimonials and large presentations, stages and audience areas are required. Mott can help you design the stage that best suits your needs and even create a 3D plan. For very large events, it is also advisable to build a grandstand, which can be easily implemented with platforms, stairs with safety railings and folding chairs.

Do you need a terrace for your restaurant or hotel?
Mott offers the perfect terrace for a chill-out area in the outdoor area. Our heart, Terra Mobilia, is flexible, easy to maintain and universally applicable. Thanks to the height-adjustable legs, it can also score on uneven surfaces and can even be set up on cobblestones and meadows. Since you have to expect many guests, you will be thrilled by our special floor covering, which hardly wears out and does not splinter. With a few bistro tables or comfortable seating, your customers will also feel right at home outside your establishment.

Ergonomic work elements for industry?
You can get it on Mott! Occupational safety and ergonomics play a particularly important role in industry. After all, your employees should be healthy in the long term. This is why we at Mott develop particularly ergonomic worktables and platforms and height adjustability. In addition, we also take care in the production of stage elements that they can be processed as gently as possible and are not too heavy, for example. We also make practical transport trolleys and ramps to make work easier and railings and flame-resistant tables and chairs for safety. Our products are DIN-certified, and we are even able to provide training in the field of fire protection.

Why choose Mott Mobile Systeme GmbH und Co KG?
Mott stands for the very highest quality. We have multiple TÜV certifications, offer a much longer warranty than our competitors and promise to always be able to supply accessories and spare parts for older products. You can put together exactly what you need from the multitude of our products - and even let us advise you. If none of our ready-made solutions is suitable for you, we can make your special wishes come true in our industrial workshop in Tauberbischofsheim. Furthermore, we are experts in the field of tube lasers and powder coating. In short: Mott is the rock star of mobile stage and event systems